About Us

Laud (verb)

"Praise (a person or their achievements) Highly"
Born out of the most livable city in the world and Australia's Fashion Capital, Melbourne, Laud stands by it's definition and aims to create high praise for its quality and design.

Created to cater for dapper men and stylish women - those who live on the edge of trendy fashion while making their own mark. Laud Timepiece wearers are fashion-forward, with an impeccable taste in style. They are synonymous with a luxurious lifestyle and always aim high. Quality products is of the utmost importance and they live by the Laud definition in all that they do:

Laud = Praise (a person or their achievements) Highly.


Laud starts where the others finish - offering premium quality unisex watches as the minimum standard - setting a new benchmark in the minimalist watch market. 

Featuring clean aesthetics anchored by the finest materials including movements sourced from fine watchmakers Ronda in Switzerland, Sapphire Crystal second only in hardness to diamonds complemented with Anti-Reflective Coating plus the luxury of Monogram engraving, Laud Timepieces exude fashion and functionality.


The label is just beginning to make it's mark, with premium and special edition ranges dividing the line even further as Laud makes its statement.