2 Year Limited Warranty

Your Laud Timepieces watch is guaranteed for a period of two years against all defects in material or workmanship.

This does not apply to normal wear and tear or abuse of components and watch finish or plating and does not cover water damage caused by non-compliance to care instructions (see 'Watch Care').

In the event of a defect or malfunction within this period, providing the watch care and precautions are followed, it will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. We reserve the right to relinquish all responsibilities under this warranty if repairs or alterations are conducted by anyone other than our authorised repairers.

Parts covered by 2 Year warranty

  1. Water Resistance: 1 YEAR
  2. Dial
  3. Case (excluding lens)
  4. Movement

Parts NOT covered by 2 Year warranty

  1. Clasp and buckles
  2. Bands and straps
  3. Case damage, scratching and breakage
  4. Lens breakage, scratching or damage
  5. Water leakage if the crown is not activated
  6. Batteries
  7. General wear and tear, scratches
In the event of a malfunction, please contact Laud Timepieces and quote your order details via email info@laudtimepieces.com.