Watch Care

Watch Care and Precautions

This watch contains precision electronic components and in some cases, fragile finishes. To ensure best wear, please follow these simple guidelines for watch care:

  1. Avoid leaving your watch in any extremes for long periods of time: direct sunlight, extremely warm or cold locations.
  2. Never operate the crown when watch is submerged in water.
  3. Light activities will not affect you watch, but droppages or hits against a hard surface will cause damage not only to the lens, case and band but to internal components
  4. Do not expose the watch to solvents, mercury, cosmetic spray (eg hairspray and perfume), detergents, adhesives, paints, gases or other chemicals. They may cause discolouration and deterioration to the finish of the watch.
  5. Do not wear your watch in a spa, sauna, shower or bath. The combination of extreme heat and water may cause your watch to lose its water resistance.
  6. Ensure watch is thoroughly rinsed in fresh water after use in salt and chlorinated water and dried with a soft cloth.
  7. No backward hand adjustments should be made when the hands read between 8pm and 3am. At these times, the gears are too close together and such a change could cause damage.
  8. 5ATM/50M Water resistance indicates safe water use in rain/splashing and shallow swimming.
  9. If watch is wet, do not store in a closed container. Ensure it is dried out immediately to avoid damage to internal components.
  10. Should water or condensation appear in the watch, immediately have it serviced as water can corrode components.
  11. Pressure in bar (ATM) represents the tested pressure. This measurement should not be considered as actual immersion depth. As various conditions ie beach surf may cause false pressure conditions.